About Us


PSC Marketing Group
Serving our customers while Impacting homelessness
in our community

Here at PSC our mission is two fold, first it is to provide our customers with the best affordable items to promote their business. Including concepts and ideas along with safety awareness concepts to drive down operating costs. We also help support our clients employee's recognition through a company store or helping non-profits raise money for their organizations.

Secondly, did you know that here in Oregon over five hundred veterans will spend the night with out a home or on the streets. As a veteran owned business, PSC has set up a foundation through the United Way that will provide non profits funding to assist these veterans out of homelessness. We do this by contributing 10% of every sale to this fund. So when you purchase a product from PSC you too are also impacting our community.

Kaeser & Blair

Kaeser & Blair is the largest Independent Dealer Network in the Promotional Products industry. With over 2,100 Sales Associates, K&B is a solid, hard working, third generation family-owned business.

Our first interest is in the relationship with our customers and how we can best serve them. We offer over 700,000 quality products and promise to deliver to specification, on time!

While we are a big company with large resources, we don't focus on how big we are; rather, we look to provide personalized service for each and every one of our customers. Whether you are a small owner-operated company or a mega-sized Fortune 500 organization, Kaeser & Blair is the perfect place to fill all of your promotional products needs.